We are so excited you are visiting this site! When our dad passed away in August of 2016 my mom, sister and I had a desire to compile all of his sermons in one place. We are so thankful this dream has finally come to reality. As we launch this site there are initially around 850 sermons archived, and in the future we hope to add several hundred more. These sermons date all the way back to the early 80's. We have tried to give the dates for each sermon series so you can get a better idea as to when they were preached. When you hit the sermon tab you will find an option to the right to filter sermons by series, date, or passage.

By the grace of God my dad didn't just know about God, but he came to know God in His Word. Jesus truly changed his life and through many godly influences, God grew him in expositional preaching. As his family we were profoundly impacted. His sermons had an eternal impact on each of us because he preached Christ and pointed us to the sufficiency of the Scripture.

We are overwhelmingly greatful for the help of John Ankerberg Ministries. Several years ago they began cataloging all of dads resources. We are so thankful for their kindness and willingness to help assist with this project. This could have never been finished apart from their hard work and diligence. 

Our prayer is that these sermons will point you to Jesus and His marvelous grace. Dad always taught that God's grace is so amazing because it not only saves us out of our sin, but it enables us to be all that He commands. There is not only saving grace but living grace, the grace that transforms us in our day to day life. We are thankful that this grace is not only past and present but also future. It is this future grace that gives us not only hope to be reunited with our dad but also hope that we do not have to fear death. 

To God Be The Glory!

Steven and Ann Barber
Erik and Stephanie Christensen